Cinema Saver considers selling wine, beer after ruling by State Liquor Authority

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Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 10:54 PM EST
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ENDICOTT (WBNG) -- Last week, the board of the State Liquor Authority voted to permit movie theaters to sell wine and beer at their concession stands.

“We didn’t expect it to pass because this has come up every year for who knows how many years and it always gets shut down,” said Owner and President of Cinema Saver Amber Gregory. “I think that maybe the government is trying to throw us anything to help us sustain, help us get back into the game here.”

To offer alcoholic beverages, movie theater owners have to apply for a license.

“We find it very interesting,” said the owner and president. “We would probably have a maximum. So you know, a one-drink maximum per movie.”

Before making a final decision, the Cinema Saver vice president refers to it as a multi-layer process.

“We do have younger staff that are under 18 so we have a lot of things we have to explore and find out about before we make the choice to go ahead or not,” said Owner and Vice President Bruce Gregory.

If the Cinema Saver went through with the process, the president shared with 12 News a strategy for adult-only gatherings.

“So sometimes there’s events like a boxing match or the big game. We thought it might be more exciting for people if they know they could have beer, and wine, and snacks, and everything, a private theater. They would have to use their account and stream their event that they have paid for on our big movie screen,” said the president. “That’s a definite potential with the beer and wine idea.”

“I think it’s good that New York is on board with the rest of the states in the country, or most of the rest of the states in the country, in that they’re giving theaters equal footing with restaurants and bars,” said the vice president.