Maine-Endwell School District creates trauma bags for classrooms, adding extra protective measures in case of emergency

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Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 11:13 PM EST
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ENDWELL (WBNG) -- Maine-Endwell Central School District is going the extra mile to protect its staff and students -- creating trauma bags to use in the event something traumatic happens on campus.

Student and staff volunteers worked together to assemble 208 trauma bags which will be distributed to all four M-E schools. School Resource Officer Mike Senio said the trauma bag project will help save lives if there’s ever an act of mass violence towards the schools.

“Because of things that have happened in our country, school security has to evolve,” said Senio. “Based on the foreword thinking of this district, we’re adding one more step of safety and protection to all of the kids and staff in this district.”

Nurse Kristin Armstrong said the trauma bags are filled with a variety of supplies which will help stop excessive bleeding. She said students will also watch an instructional video to teach them how to use the supplies in the case of an emergency.

“In our bags we currently have QuikClot and chest seal, which would be used in the event someone was stabbed or shot,” said Armstrong. “We have a tourniquet, tape, gloves, scissors and a laminated instruction sheet.”

The school district will require a trauma bag to hang in every classroom, where it is easily seen and accessible to both staff and students.