Vestal Public Library hosts partner yoga, counselor weighs in on the relationship benefits

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Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 10:57 PM EST
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VESTAL (WBNG) -- Spouses and partners gathered at Vestal Public Library Monday, Feb. 14 for a wellness-centered Valentine’s Day -- participating in a partner yoga class to bring them closer together.

Instructor of the class, Ramona Lena, said yoga is a great way for couples to bond and be in the present together. She said it is a unique way to escape the pressures people experience both inside and outside of relationships.

“Yoga is really good for three things that are important in life -- your physical body, your mental state, and your spiritual state,” said Lena. “I think doing that with a partner or someone you care about is a nice way to share that physical challenge.”

Licensed mental health counselor Kevin Hope said partners who participate in physical activities together can help reduce their stress and allow for a healthier, more stable relationship.

“You’re doing a lot of stressful things with this individual every day just to keep the family together and functioning,” he said. “That’s what yoga is about, the attempt to de-stress, bring down anxiety, and relax together.”

Hope said yoga is also a good way for couples to build better trust and communication between each other.

“One of the biggest causes for divorce is lack of communication or misunderstanding,” said Hope. “This activity -- doing it together increases a sense of trust and communication.”