Johnson City Central School District senior gives hundreds of books to his elementary school

Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 12:07 AM EST
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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- Over at Johnson City Elementary School, a donation came full circle as senior Elias Adamson-Endres gave back to his former school a few days ago.

Library Teacher Kathleen Grabowski of the Johnson City Central School District was the one to receive the donation.

“I opened up my email one day and his mother had sent me an email asking if we took book donations and that Elias had a whole collection of books that he would like to donate,” said Grabowski.

Over 300 books were handed over from the district’s senior. He mentioned there was a lot of nature and dinosaur content.

During the student’s chat with 12 News, he explains why he made this gesture in the first place.

“We were kind of cleaning out the house, you know, we had a couple crates of books and stuff from my childhood that I really haven’t looked at in a while,” said Adamson-Endres. “They did so much for my education. I might as well repay them somehow.”

The librarian said this was a unique occurrence.

“We have had families that have donated books, but I’ve never in my five years I’ve been here I’ve never had a student donate a library of books like that,” she said.

In terms of scope of the impact, more than 900 students will have access to the collection.

“We have kindergarten through fifth grade in this library... We run six classes a day, two classes one on each side. So all of the children will be accessing those books,” said Grabowski.

If anyone has books to donate, the librarian said to bring them to the school’s welcome center and then she will be notified.