From Facebook to In-Person: How one post sparked the support of Ukrainian-Owned Market, and Community

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Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 9:38 PM EST
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- It started with a Facebook post in a group called ‘Binghamton: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’. The person behind the elongated statement accompanied by a picture of the store discussed their experience of making regular visits to ‘European Market’. It’s an establishment on Downs Ave in Binghamton which has been owned and operated by Ukrainian Native Konstantin Nagorny since 1999.

Nagorny says since the war has began, he has seen an increase in customers. The owner of the shop says he still has family members in the country. “Just the cousins but cousins have children and the children have children, have too many relatives around Ukraine”.

He says they continue to communicate every day “They need more support from US and Euro because not enough food for somebody I mean like not for my relatives but at some cities they need to support the army support is always number one”. There is frustration he says when it comes to seeing violence in his home country “We need to stop this word it’s furious it’s like after second war it’s like a third war...”

For Vestal resident Cara Rivera, the thought of unification in a troubling time is something she says drive her to buy Nagorny a card. “No one should feel alone just the fact that he’s here, and he’s got people out there, and it’s just devastating. The guy on Facebook said you can walk into the store anytime a day in Konstantin always has a smile on his face, but for the last week you can tell that he’s been down. I just wanted to show support because I’ve been in bad situations before, and I needed support too”.

Nagorny says he is humbled by those supporting his business through this time, however he says if people want to help make a difference overseas they can donate through St. John’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Johnson City. You can find their Facebook here.