Tri-Cities and Syracuse Opera Presents ‘Cinderella’: New Co-Production Partnership

Published: Mar. 28, 2022 at 6:04 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- A new co-production partnership between the Tri-Cities and Syracuse Operas is helping to bridge the two communities. That’s according to General Director John Rozzoni.

“Not only are we able to achieve financial efficiency but between the resources of both companies we can also do bigger better art and be better stewards of the resources we have in our communities.”

The partnership involves sharing an orchestra, cast members, creative teams, and production. Rozzoni says combining his, and the talents of Syracuse Opera Artistic Director Christian Capocaccia will help strengthen both organizations.

“So the hope is that eventually we can sort of extend the infrastructure of Tri-Cities operate to the Syracuse market not necessarily as Tri-Cities Opera, but sort of those models that we use in Binghamton also in Syracuse”.

‘Cinderella’ will be the first product of the co-production, actor Aaron Crouch, who plays the part of ‘Prince Romiro’ says he is excited to be part of the performance. One thing he noted for audiences interested however, is that it does not follow the ‘Disney’ version, rather, the French story line.

“So the French version has a couple of differences. The fairy godmother is a fairy godfather, the evil stepmother is an evil stepfather, and pretty much everything else is the same other than there is no glass slipper, rather bracelets that the prince recognizes”.

Crouch adds that this is a family friendly show, and encourages those who have never attended an opera to see it. “I think that all these characters are super relatable I think even with the changes the characters like Cinderella is relatable tiny little girl who kind of wants to have that storybook prince driving kind of encounter in their life”.

For Camille Sherman, becoming the character of Cinderella for the performance was not only a childhood dream, but something she was able to pair with her personal passion of being an opera singer later in life.

“The thing about operas that it’s so big it’s so grand do you know we have this big costumes in such an orchestra so we’re taking a character that were used to seeing on the screen and kind of making her bigger” Sherman said.

The performance of ‘Cinderella’ will take place at the Forum Theater on Apr. 10, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. tickets and other information can be found on the Tri-Cities Opera Website.