If prom dresses and suits are taking up closet space, Binghamton High School’s ‘Sisterz 4 Sisters’ wants your donation

Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 10:09 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Thursday, March 31, is National Prom Day. In preparation for the big day in June, Binghamton High School’s ‘Sisterz 4 Sisters’ club is making sure a lack of access to a gown or suit won’t stop anyone from attending prom.

Club Advisor Audrey Hamilton said at it’s core, the club promotes women empowerment. “The girls have some opportunity either within the community or just within the high school in general to be able to do something more than just go to school every day. It’s great,” she said.

With the countdown to prom set for June 10, there’s an opportunity for the girls to help area students get ready for the big day.

Club President Shamoy Dixon told 12 News they’re collecting for next month’s prom fashion show to showcase items up for grabs.

“It’s what we look forward to for much of our high school career,” said Dixon. “Unfortunately, it can be pricey.”

To make the upcoming fashion show a success and to give students an array of options, the public’s help is needed. The show is April 22 at 6 p.m., but the club is asking for dress and suit donations by the latest April 18.

In the past and this time around, the club is calling for community donations, items from parents, students, and bridal shops.

“We need a whole lot of dresses,” said Dixon. “You can come to the high school and either leave them at the main office or you could come to A-105.”

Though the club is based out of Binghamton High School, the selection will be available to any student in our region.

“If you’re in UE or Vestal and you need a dress, you can stop by the fashion show and get a dress,” said Dixon.

At the end of the prom fashion show, students will be able to select their preferred outfit for June.

If a student won’t be able to attend in April, there will still be access to the selection.