Drag Show for People of All Ages Aims to promote Acceptance, Anti-Bullying, and Family Fun

“The show that I bring to the kids is so family friendly and inspiring that I’m just excited to share it with the world”
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Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 7:04 PM EDT
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SAYRE, P.A. (WBNG) -- Standing near a bench in the middle of Riverfront Park, Dustin Crispell reflects on something he has been doing for many years; performing as a drag queen under the name ‘Dusty Boxx’.

There is something special about the park for Crispell, he says it was a place of inspiration “I used to walk around this festival when I was in high school and I was dreaming of being up on the stage entertaining people so this is life coming full circle for me”.

Now, he is able to return to this park as he has for the past few years to make his mark and inspire others as he performs for people of all ages in his family friendly drag show.

“My show always has a heavy message of anti-bullying love diversity acceptance so if anyone comes and this isn’t their cup of tea I just encourage them to support some of the other amazing artists and musicians that they can support all weekend long” he says.

Cripsell says he knows there is some hesitancy, and misconceptions when it comes to watching a drag performance, however he says he wants to assure everyone that his performance at the upcoming ‘Valley Arts4All’ Festival will be appropriate for any age, complete with music from Kids-Bop.

“The show I put on at a club or a bar is so much different than the show I am going to put on for an all ages drag show, or that I would do for a brunch or bingo or the movie that we just wrapped up. Drag is so versatile, and I consider myself a very versatile artist. The show that I bring to the kids is so family friendly and inspiring that I’m just excited to share it with the world”.

The Drag Queen says he has been performing at the festival for some time, he says he enjoys the engagement with the families as well as aiming to give hope and inspire those who might otherwise not get an opportunity to see this art form.

“The best part about this is the thanks I get from the parents we’re having trouble raising a child who might just be coming out or the awkward teenager that thanks me because I’ve been picked on order felt left out so it’s an all inclusive event that makes everyone feel like they could be part of something”.

Dusty Boxx and her Drag Queen Friends will be among the various performances at Valley Arts4All in Sayre on May 7. To learn more about the arts festival and the other performances in Sayre PA, you can visit their website here.