B.U. Students help Non-Profit through Community Service Project

A Binghamton University volunteering their time through PwC Scholars, helping non-profit 'Stand...
A Binghamton University volunteering their time through PwC Scholars, helping non-profit 'Stand with Us'(WBNG 12 News)
Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 8:35 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Stand with me is a non-profit organization located near the Pennsylvania border, it specializes in helping to train armed forces veterans and their service dogs together to work as a team.

Recently, the Director and Training Instructor Francess McMahon, says she noticed a need for a second entrance to her building among other to-do items. She heard about the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) through a friend, and knew she wanted them to help.

President and Vice President of the student organization heading the project, Leila Sayan and Ben Sorensen say when they received the application, they felt the project was a perfect fit.

“Veterans with mental health disabilities, they’re not able to get service dogs a lot of the times. A lot of the times they’re not treated like they have a disability, where as veterans of physical disabilities are able to get service dogs through the VA. We saw this is a great opportunity to provide like a home-base to these veterans a place to congregate, be able to hang out with their dog, and get this training that they need. It’ll be so beneficial to their life”said Sorensen.

So the PwC team got to work, raising money over the 2021/22 school year to bring in over $16,000 for the project. When the opportunity came, they were able to head down to McMahon’s property and get to work. PwC Scholars, along with Habitat for Humanity, took over the property. McMahon says she is beyond grateful for the work they have completed so far.

“Its great whenever we apply for assistance a grant or funny have any store and we get chosen as the recipient it’s always time to do a happy dance” she said.

McMahon says the renovations include a new covered exterior staircase, a pathway to the stairs, and new signage. The Director says by having a new set of stair it helps create two entrances to her second floor training room, as well as access for veterans to meet and mingle with their dogs at any time. She says most of all, she’s proud to be giving back to those who served our country.

“Their military experience that they volunteer for us and the result of their service has caused them to become disabled and how much we go back to them”.

For more information on the PwC Scholors program at Binghamton University, you can visit their page here.

For more information on ‘Stand with Me’, you can visit their page here.