A road less traveled: a non-conventional way into the workforce

Published: Apr. 18, 2022 at 7:10 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- As schools enter their home stretch for the year many students ponder what their next step might be.

Not everyone decides to go for their four-year degree.

20 year old Karlee Youngs is a licensed real estate agent who was licensed at 19 years old; Youngs told 12 News in less than one year she sold one million dollars of real estate.

She said she thought about attending college but ultimately decided it was not for her.

“I was actually inspired by real estate t.v. shows,” she told 12 News. “That made me get into real estate as well as not pursuing the traditional four-year college program.”

Youngs also stressed how four-year college programs are expensive and will leave graduates with substantial debt.

Youngs joined many who decide to create their own path instead of taking a traditional route.

High School Counselor Angela Ciaravino told 12 News she sees students go into fields such as cosmetology, becoming linemen, joining the military and more.

“We always encourage our students to think what they’d like to do and see if that can translate into a career,” Ciaravino said. “Investigate the different pathways you can take to get there because it isn’t always the traditional college degree.”