Finding The Good: Southern Tier Tuesdays

Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 9:45 PM EDT
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Owego (WBNG) -- Since the Spring of 2019, the Southern Tier Tuesdays project has impacted non-profits all across the area and beyond. Now, Adam and Clover Weitsman are looking back on how the venture started and the impact it’s had.

It all started with a simple but wholesome idea. Helping local non-profits.

“So it just started off wanting to do more for non-profits,” explained Clover Weitsman, one of the founders of Southern Tier Tuesdays “One of my favorite memories is just getting to tour some of the places that we’ve given the grants to. So it’s really nice to see what they do and how we were helping them.”

Each week since June of 2019, a $2,000 check has been presented to a deserving non-profit organization here in the Southern Tier.

“I mean we grew up here, my grandfather was here, my dad was here, I’m here the three kids are here,” Adam Weitsman shared “So we’ve been here forever and I just think it’s important to support where your roots are.”

Since then, Adam and Clover have donated more than $300,000 with close to 150 different non-profits benefiting from the project. Milestones that Clover says are amazing to see.

“It’s great that it’s come so far and we’ve gotten to help so many different non-profits in the area. And not just giving them the money they need to help with their projects and also giving them more recognition, so other people can help as well with volunteer work and such.”

With Southern Tier Tuesdays’ success over the last three years, it is now reaching even more non-profits across New York. Adam says he’s happy they’re reaching as many people as possible.

“We’re doing the simultaneously in the 315 area code at the same time, but Owego is always going to be our home so this is like our core, but we’ve also been branching out to help out other communities at the same time.”

In the end, Adam hopes this project will have a lasting impact on his daughter.

“It’s easier for me because I’m just writing the check, Clover is the one doing all the work. It’s really their baby, I’m just trying to show her the importance of caring. When I was her age, or in my 20′s, I was pretty greedy and it got me in trouble and stuff like that. So now in my old age, I’m trying to be a better example to the kids and trying to show them that you should be doing better stuff.”

And it’s a project that Clover says is one she plans to continue doing for years to come.

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