Guthrie appoints new Chief Patient Expirence Officer

(Guthrie Clinic)
Published: May. 6, 2022 at 4:42 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- The Guthrie Clinic appointed Dr. Koryn Johnston as the organization’s first Chief Patient Experience Officer.

In this position, Dr. Johnston will create a workplace culture in which the patient is at the center.

She will create organizational-wide initiatives which will touch on all aspects of a patient’s visit from when they make an appointment to a follow-up afterward. Dr. Johnston will be working at every level at all clinics.

She told 12 News as medicine has progressed it lost some of its human element and she hopes to bring it back.

“That pendulum needs to swing back to the patient and family being at the center of the medical encounter,” she said. “As we serve our communities, their voices should be at the forefront. Creating a patient experience team will create the traction to do just that.”

Dr. Johnston will look at patients and caregivers for perspectives and challenges to create ways of making the patient the core mission of the clinic.