Finding The Good: Special Delivery

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Published: May. 11, 2022 at 11:42 PM EDT
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ENDICOTT (WBNG) -- While we’re used to delivery drivers dropping off our food from where ever we order, one local driver brought more than just a pizza for a local family and their son.

Josh Rembecki is a delivery driver for Nirchi’s, and a few weeks ago he delivered to the Bello family in Endicott.

When 5-year-old Brayden helped answer the door, Josh noticed he was wearing a Hot Wheels sweatshirt. Well, he made sure to tell Brayden how much he loved it because Josh just so happens to love Hot Wheels too.

“I’m a huge collector myself,” explained Josh “So in our world, it’s kind of just a random act of kindness just to give people cars and stuff like that. So when I delivered to these guys and I saw he had the hot wheels sweatshirt on I was like I gotta do it, just I gotta do it!”

A couple of weeks later, Josh delivered to the Bello’s again. But this time he brought more than pizza...showing up with an extra special delivery, some Hot Wheels cars, just for Brayden.

“It was very heart touching you know,” said Eddie Bello, Brayden’s father “He made a connection with our son, and instantly he was glowing with a handful of Hot Wheels cars so it was an awesome thing. He didn’t care much for the pizza at that point!”

Josh added it was wonderful to see how happy his gesture made Brayden.

“It was great! He was super thrilled and it’s already great to make people happy, especially make kids happy.”

A simple act of kindness, that was unexpected but very welcome.

“It’s incredible,” said Eddie “There is so much negativity out there today and this is such a small thing, but it made such a huge impact not only on our son but for us as a family. And we’re in debt, we’re so grateful for the thoughtfulness and hope to see many other people do the same thing.”

“It was just really nice to do something like that and have so many other people appreciate it,” Josh explained “Because as Eddie said, there is a lot of negativity in the world these days. So when somebody does do something this, it is good that it gets around and people appreciate it. But I never expected it to turn into something like this.”

A special delivery that created a special connection.

If you’d like to check it out, Josh does have an Instagram account dedicated to Hot Wheels, as well as a YouTube channel.

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