Binghamton University honor first-generation graduating students with a Cording Ceremony

Published: May. 12, 2022 at 11:27 PM EDT
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VESTAL (WBNG) -- On May 12, Binghamton University’s ‘BFirst Network’ honored first generation students with a cording ceremony, where over 100 first-gen graduates celebrated their achievement.

Marissa Zelman Co founder and Chair of BFirst said the colors of the cord are intertwined burgundy and antique gold to represent the students’ first-gen identity.

“There’s two strands of red the maroon red symbolizes courage will power tenacity and that’s why they have it twice because they have to struggle twice and then the gold strand symbolizes wisdom love and compassion which comes from all that love and compassion” said Marissa Zelman.

Jasper Wojtach, Binghamton University alumni, told 12 News there are more first generation students than people realize.

”First gen is seen as sort of like an outlier like a specialty group but there are way more of us then people realize and i think that having a chance to see that type of turn out in person can change people perception and say oh my gosh i’m part of something so much bigger than myself and i didn’t even know it” said Jasper Wojtach.

He added seeing students he attended school with share such an achievement fills him with pride.

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