LGT Tennis Challenger canceled for 2022, COVID to blame

Published: May. 13, 2022 at 3:51 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- There will be no LGT Tennis Challenger in Binghamton this year.

That’s according to a letter from Tennis Charities of Binghamton, Inc. Board Member Howard M. Rittberg to Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham.

The letter said the COVID-19 pandemic is the reason the challenger will not happen in 2022.

“The USTA has prepared a 25 to 30-page booklet on the COVID protocols which we would have to be required to follow,” the letter read. “It would necessitate a minimum of two to three full-time people to monitor the protocols for all of the players, coaches, officials ball kids and others involved in the challenger. Many of the players are international and have strict requirements, especially involving travel.”

USTA told LGT Tennis Charities of Binghamton that the 2023 date for the challenger is still intact.

Tennis Charities said it would like to thank Binghamton for its efforts in reconstructing the Recreation Park tennis courts, which it called an “invaluable addition” to the park.