Sacred Heart Ukrainian Church sends donations to Ukraine

Ukrainian Father uses donations
Ukrainian Father uses donations(MGN)
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 9:28 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- As Russia continues it’s attack, charities are doing their best to send their support to Ukraine.

The Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church in Johnson City is one charity.

The church has been gathering donations and sending them overseas since 2014, but donations have escalated and what is needed has changed.

Father Teodor Czbala of Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church told 12 News the supplies sent over to Father Roman Prokopec are used to support his surrounding community along with similar orphanages.

The center Father Prokopec uses is also used as a distribution center; It aids civil authorities as well as locals in search of clothing, toiletries, and other necessities needed for everyday life.

The sounds of an air raid siren along with missiles flying through the air above disturb the life of Ukrainians and leave families trying to be mentally and physically ready for anything. Prokopec said sometimes service would start off in the church above ground and then finish in a bomb shelter below.

Despite the hardship, Father Prokopec still keeps hope in his heart and can see Ukraine coming out of this conflict on top.

“He does see the hope that Ukraine will come out of this as a forward-thinking progressive country where they’re looking forward and moving and moving for the betterment of his own people,” Prokepec said.

Those looking donate can do so by visiting the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church’s website here.