Vestal Parkway Starbucks takes steps to join ‘Starbucks Workers United’

The Starbucks in Boone is reportedly the first in North Carolina to join the union movement.
The Starbucks in Boone is reportedly the first in North Carolina to join the union movement.(Source: Starbucks Coffee Company)
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 11:22 PM EDT
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VESTAL (WBNG) -- A number of Starbucks employees at the Vestal Parkway East Location have filed a petition to become unionized and join the Starbucks workers united in efforts to have a better work environment.

Callie Grassi Barista said with the temporary shut down of the University Plaza location they have been dealing with issues of over staffing and congested workspace, for the past few months making it hard to work.

Ryan Morgan Shift Supervisor for the Starbucks location says there are over 150 stores in the U.S which are unionized, and if approved, not much would change right away but in time it will change the way current policies are handled.

“Were definitely looking to have a say to how the floor is run a little more, and just generically everyone deserves to get paid a little more inflation has been rough lately so we’d like a little bit more to compensate for that” Said Morgan.

He said, although it may take a while for a contract to go in place it will give the employees the rights they need.

“We want to collectively bargain together with workers united support to get a better pay increase, and ensure more safety precautions on the floor” Said Grassi.

Morgan added he believes joining the union will ease the stress they have been dealing with as of late.

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