Money stolen from 11-year-old’s lemonade stand

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 11:56 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG/Gray News) – An 11-year-old in Ohio learned a tough lesson when money was taken from her lemonade stand Saturday.

Grace Rotuon was trying to raise money for her church by selling lemonade outside her house, according to WTVG.

Two boys riding a four-wheeler stopped by to buy a glass, left and came back.

“He said, ‘How much would a pitcher of lemonade be?’ and I went inside to go ask my mother. I came back and was like, he’s gone. I was outside with the pitcher. I was like, OK. And then I sat out there for a while, and then I noticed my whole entire box was gone,” Grace recalled.

Grace said she was in shock when she realized the money raised was gone.

“I ran inside and told my mom. Me and my brother ran around the car and started looking for them. And my mother made a police report,” Grace said.

So far, no money has been returned, and there is no word on the identity of the two boys, who are believed to be in middle school.

Grace said she’s not going to let this incident ruin her business and has learned her lesson.

“It would be a better decision to carry my money inside instead of leaving it out there,” Grace said.

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