Broome County Board of Elections goes over June primary early voting, talks about August primary

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT
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BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) - “Registration numbers are pretty consistent for an off-year election. Typically around a presidential election is when we see a really high uptick. So registrations were on average for any other primary year,” said Commissioner Mark E. Smith with the Broome County Board of Elections.

Commissioner Smith with the BOE said during early voting for the June primary, which wraps up after June 26th, voters can cast a ballot at the Oakdale Mall, Broome County Public Library, and the George F. Johnson Memorial Library.

He talked with 12 News about some of the benefits of early voting. “I think that really helps to work around work and childcare and school. I think it has a number of very good, centralized locations that makes it convenient for the voters and, you know, it’s less congested,” said Commissioner Smith.

Once the June primary is over next week, the focus will shift to the August primary election. “There have been other situations where there has been a double primary. In my tenure, this is the first and this is also in my tenure the first of a double primary due to a map being unconstitutional,” said Commissioner Smith.

When it comes to the August primary, the ballot isn’t set yet. Looking ahead, here’s some of what to expect on the ballot Aug. 23. “For U.S. Congress and New York State Senate. With how the maps are drawn right now coming down from the highest court, Broome County is now entirely within the 19th Congressional District. Western Broome is in NYS District 52 and Eastern Broome is in NYS Senate District 51,” said the commissioner.

The ballot for the August primary will be certified in late June.

When it comes to both summer primaries, Commissioner Smith said it’s important to exercise the right to vote. “Usually a lot of the primaries, there’s only a few seats. Here we have statewide elections, a lot of town and village elections for the primaries. Not a lot, but more than we normally have. And of course, having the primary for governor, lieutenant governor, and then the state races,” he said.

If registered as an early voter for June, you can head to one of the three voting sites between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. through this Sunday, June 26.

For the Aug. 23 primary, the voter registration deadline hasn’t arrived yet. More local voter resources can be found by heading to this website.

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