You Ask, We Answer: Road work, the Greenway Project and trees on powerlines

You Ask, We Answer: what happens to trees cut down for NYSEG
You Ask, We Answer: what happens to trees cut down for NYSEG(wbng)
Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 12:06 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- For this edition of ‘You Ask, We Answer,’ 12 News got answers from the NYSEG and the NYSDOT for questions regarding what happens to trees after NYSEG cuts them down, road work and the Greenway Project.

The first question is “Who is responsible for tree clean-up after they are cut down for NYSEG to keep power lines safe?”

According to NYSEG’s website, there is a section called “Tree Care” that explains what happens after trees are cut down. Depending on the situation, trees or branches may be left to be removed by the property owner or they may be left to “naturally decompose.”

The next question is “What is the status of the Greenway Project that goes from Vestal to Binghamton?”

According to Scott Cook with the Department of Transportation, even though the project seems to have been going on for a while, it is on schedule to finish next year in the summer of 2023.

The last question is “What is the process the NYSDOT goes through to fix streets throughout our area? Do they work with the city or county or make their own decisions and why can’t they just all be fixed?”

According to Cook with the NYSDOT, it’s not that easy. The DOT has to work with officials from both the federal and state level and money can come from all kinds of different sources whether it’s the state, local or federal depending on the project.

Cook added that regardless of who is doing the project, the money has to be available and applied for to be used. Local areas do get some state funding but when they don’t they have to use local tax dollars meaning the DOT is not able to fix the roads if the funding isn’t there.

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