How Tobacco-Free Broome and Tioga is spreading knowledge about the dangers of tobacco through our youth

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Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 11:14 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Tobacco-Free Broome and Tioga held their annual Youth Summit this year called ‘Youth Summit: The Reality Check Youth Summit’ to help youth across New York State learn the dangers of tobacco products. The organization said the focus of the reality check youth summit is to prepare youth with skills to make waves against big tobacco.

They said kids had the opportunity to participate in workshops which provided them with skills to empower youth to become agents of change.

“Its almost like a disease, its an epidemic you know there’s smokers out there who say its a nasty habit but they cant quit. Not only is it effecting people its effecting our planet as well, because we find cigarette buds all over the street and it takes like ten years to decay” said Trischell Goodwin.

Trischell Goodwin, Reality Check Youth Summit student she said its important to raise tobacco awareness in local communities to keep residents healthy and with tobacco products now providing many flavors, youth are becoming addicted to nicotine products.

“Flavors are more appealing, they would want it and it helps the bad chemicals go down better and easier and also there’s menthol which is in every single type of cigarette and it makes it harder to quit but easier to start” said Reagan Knapp.

Reagan Knapp reality check youth summit student said with this program she’s learned that tobacco companies use three main things to attract youth to their product which are their packaging, wording, and their ad’s.

“They spend millions and billions of dollars a day on adds and they have these young influencers to promote their product to make it look glamorous to youth, and you know youth follow social media they want to be apart of the trends” said Trischell Goodwin.

Both Teens said they believe in order to protect their community members from these manipulative tobacco company they have to spread more knowledge about the dangers.

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