Broome County Office for Aging goes over sodium guidance for caregivers

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Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 8:04 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - The Office for Aging wants to make sure family caregivers are educated when it comes to the best practices for taking care of our older population. To do this, the latest effort was a discussion over at the Broome County Public Library titled “Caregiver Services: Sodium Sensibility” led by Registered Dietitian Donna Bates.

“We probably need between 500 and 700 milligrams a day to accomplish those basic bodily functions,” said Bates. However, she said the average person exceeds this daily recommendation and consumes roughly 3,400 milligrams a day.

While the discussion was for caregivers, really anyone could benefit from learning the effects of excess sodium.

“High sodium intake is associated with risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. So we want to try to make sure we ward off those kinds of things,” said Bates.

During an intimate conversation with attendees, Bates went over sodium intake recommendations, any modifications when it comes to sodium-friendly recipes, and paying attention to food labels.

When it comes the next grocery store trip, she hopes folks will stay clear of those sodium-heavy selections. “Processed foods and canned soups,” said Bates. The dietitian also recommended shoppers to be careful while in the frozen entree section in the grocery store as those tend to be high in sodium.

If unable to attend the August 16 discussion, Bates said to contact the Office for Aging for specific assistance as they have a nutrition unit.

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