Binghamton native, world-renowned golf instructor offers free lessons to veterans

Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 9:57 AM EDT
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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- For Binghamton native Barry Goldstein, golf has always come naturally. But teaching it to others, took a little time learning.

“Well, I played at a high level,” Goldstein explained “I played with Tiger Woods, and when that didn’t pan out, I trained with a guy named Jimmy Ballard, a legendary teacher. He just taught me how to teach the game and it’s worked out great!”

Over the years, Barry has appeared in the media thanks to his ability to share the game. From the Golf Channel to Golf Digest, and being selected as one of America’s Top 25 Instructors by Golf Tips Magazine, Barry has made a name for himself in helping others succeed.

Through it all, Barry learned a thing or two about himself.

“Just how much of an impact I can have on people, just by making them enjoy the sport so much more,” Barry told 12 News.

Many of those people include our veterans and police officers, to who Barry decided to give free lessons in recent years. Many in the Greater Binghamton area consider Barry a local treasure thanks to his kind heart. 12 News had the chance to catch up with a local officer and veteran at Polar Shot Driving Range in Johnson City to get their take on the impact Barry is making.

“It’s amazing to have someone who has been on the golf channel, that’s been in every magazine, golf digest, things like that,” shared President of the Fraternal Order of Police Southern Tier Joshua Nytch. “It’s a treasure that I hope a lot of people will utilize here.”

Veteran Len Sas said it is a small way to give back to those who always put others first.

“In the military culture, you take care of everyone else first,” explained Sas. “Your squadmates, your platoon mates, their needs come first. You’re always last.”

The reason behind Barry’s decision to give free lessons hits close to home.

“My dad was a veteran,” said Goldstein “That’s what started me with this and I just have some very dear friends of mine that are veterans. Hey, I get to teach golf, play golf, be on the golf channel, while they’re off fighting for our country... it’s just my way of giving back.”

If you are a veteran or police officer and would like to reach out to Barry, you can find him on Facebook or by calling his number at (954) 796-7506.

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