Broome County experiencing shortage of dispatchers, new effort to attract applicants

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Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 9:18 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - According to Director Patrick Dewing with the Broome County Office of Emergency Services, over 11 full-time positions are open. Part-time roles are also available. “Dispatchers are such an important element to public safety and our first responders that it’s a job that can’t go unfilled,” said Dewing.

With the shortage, current dispatchers are feeling the effects. “They’re working 12-hour days. Often times on their off days, they’re coming in for another six or 12-hour shift as well,” said Dewing.

The director said Broome County isn’t the only exception. “There’s shortages around the state. It’s really a nationwide crisis along with many other jobs,” said Dewing.

A salary study was conducted to better understand some of the situation. The study looked into other dispatch centers across the state and it was discovered that Broome County is paying less.

After a months-long process of research, Dewing made a pitch to County Executive Jason Garnar regarding one way to recruit more workers for the county. “We discussed some numbers and possible solutions and he supported putting in a resolution to go in front of the Broome County legislature to increase the initial salaries for dispatchers,” said Dewing.

They had to find money within the budget to support said raises.

As of August 22, the raises go into effect.