Mayor Kraham announces no property tax increase in 2023 budget plan

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 11:29 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Thursday, Mayor Jared Kraham delivered a message to city leaders, and city council members about his plans for the Binghamton 2023 Budget.

The Mayor announced a $1 Million dollar Youth fund which would support programs and services for Binghamton children and teens . He said a portion of the funds would provide Binghamton City School Districts trauma informed care, and violence prevention.

He also said the fund would provide youth mental health resources at the Boys and Girls Club located in the first ward.

“Think after school and summer opportunities, youth employment initiatives and stem programs for teens the community foundation will serve as our partner to effectively get funds out the door and into the neighborhoods where youth need the most” said Mayor Jared Kraham.

The mayor also addressed property taxes, announcing that in 2023 the City of Binghamton would not have a property tax increase. He said instead, there would be a slight decrease for both residential and commercial property owners.

“Too often local leaders go to the taxpayers again and again and again asking them to shoulder more of the cost. I simply wont do that the responsibility of funding essential services and driving progress should fall to our municipal leaders..not the tax payers " said Mayor Jared Kraham.

He said the budget continues to serve as a road map to fund vital services needed by our residents, and to build projects the community deserves.

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