12 News rides along with Binghamton University officer

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 9:03 PM EDT
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VESTAL (WBNG) -- With school back in full swing, Binghamton University Police want the community to know it’s here to help.

The university police are a full-service police department that operates the same way as any other police department.

However, Interim Binghamton University Chief of Police Matthew Rossie told 12 News on top of enforcing state, local and federal laws they operate in a unique environment allowing them to deal with situations involving students in ways other departments don’t have.

“The officer can use their discretion if they feel the situation can be rectified without going through the criminal justice system and possibly get a better outcome for a student’s success,” Rossie said. “They have that option of reaching out to the student conduct office and having things handled that way.

He told 12 News the police can help provide a safe environment for students and if they make a decision resulting in police involvement he hopes they can help them through it and have it be part of the educational process.

“The big thing here is when legal action warrants we take it, but these are students, they’re here to learn, but they are also becoming adults,” said B.U. Police Officer Matthew Davy. “Sometimes there are bumps along the way and we address them the way we can, help them move forward and learn along the way.”

Davy told 12 News the main goal of the police is to protect and serve. If there is any issue they aim to solve it.

Both Chief Rossie and officer Davy said they are there to help not just students but the surrounding community.

Those on campus can go to university police for any question big or small and they will do their best to help.