Trail of Truth’s nationwide memorial to overdose and substance abuse victims

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 9:02 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Two Binghamton non-profits are working together with over 80 other groups nationwide to remember our lost loved ones.

‘Trail of Truth’ and ‘TruthPharm’ have partnered together to make a nationwide art installation effort, to remember loved ones who have passed away from overdose and substance abuse.

The ‘Trail of Truth’ has been around as an annual event for several years, where headstones are made with messages and information about overdose victims to make sure they are not forgotten.

This has been the event’s biggest year yet, with over a thousand submissions sent in throughout the country.

12 News spoke with Courtney Hayes, project coordinator at ‘TruthPharm’ about the different goals of the nationwide event.

“Part of the goal of this event is not only to memorialize loved ones and to draw national attention to substance use related deaths, but to really unify people that maybe have different values in some areas, but all recognize that this tide of death needs to stop.” said Courtney Hayes.

She also spoke on why it is important that their campaign is focused on more than just overdose victims.

“For people who often feel left out of the conversation because they didn’t lose their loved one to overdose specifically, it is incredibly powerful to have this event where they are seeing that my loved one is recognized too, my loved one matters, my loved one counts.”

The headstones will be on display in union square in Washington D.C. On Sept 24, and ‘TruthPharm’ and ‘Trail of Truth’ are hoping for an even bigger national turnout next year.