Remembering Queen Elizabeth

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 2:22 PM EDT
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Binghamton, NY (WBNG) - Queen Elizabeth II was finally laid to rest Monday, with her family by her side.

Brits cued up for hours to mourn the loss of the monarch. As the queen was transported to Westminster Abbey and finally to St. George’s Church, they lined the path to try and get a glimpse of the funeral procession.

Americans are also reflecting on her life as well.

“The Queen’s picture is here and on the interior of the cup,” my aunt, Cathy Kunkler explained holding up a tea cup in her Royal Family collection, “and then on the back, [is says] to celebrate the 50-year reign of the majesty the queen 1952 to 2002,” she read.

Cathy is one of the world travelers in the family. We come from English, Scottish, and Irish heritage.

“I think with the wedding of Charles and Diana we all became interested in the royal family,” she said.

It’s an interest which would take her to England in the 1980′s, and later she would get the most serendipitous surprise on a cruise to British Columbia. During an excursion on the Canadian province, she said she noticed lots of people standing around.

“I’m thinking why aren’t they off on their short excursions or why haven’t they gone somewhere?” she explained.

So she asked the people, “‘what’s going on? What’s happening?’ And one of the [people] said, the queen is going to come out of a building just over there,” she explained. No more than 30 minutes later and “the queen actually emerged from this building, and Prince Phillip was accompanying her. She was far away across the street, but you could tell it was the queen,” Cathy said.

And that wouldn’t be her only chance encounter with royalty. For a second time, she would stumble upon the Royal Family, this time in Washington D.C.

“So, there’s a few people standing along the street, not nearly as many for the queen, and I said, ‘what’s everybody standing here for?’ ‘Oh, Prince Charles is going to come out of that building in a minute and low and behold, Prince Charles came out.”

Memories held by few, now shared by many.

“Now to be watching all of the commemorative information and shows on about the queen, you can look back and say, ‘oh yeah, I remember when’...Whatever opportunities are out there, it’s a scary world right now but if we don’t go out and see it and explore it and understand other peoples, then how will we ever solve the differences.”