Lockdown warnings sent to 4 Binghamton properties over ‘havoc’ behavior

Mayor Kraham says the city wont tolerate it
Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 1:15 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham announced Wednesday that the city has issued letters to four problematic properties under the city’s Lockdown Law.

The law, which returned to the city in May 2022, allows the city to apply point values to properties for activities that are deemed a nuisance, such as noise, fighting, assaults, disorderly conduct, disturbances and more. More heinous crimes have higher point values. If a property accrues 12 points or more in a six-month period or 18 points or more in a 12-month period, it will be considered a public nuisance.

We won’t tolerate problem properties that wreak havoc on residents’ quality of life, hurt our neighborhoods and attract violent criminal behavior,” said Mayor Kraham. “Under the City’s updated lockdown law, these warning letters are a critical first step in abating the nuisance activity at these properties or shutting them down.”

The properties include The Cave nightclub at 53 Chenango St., and locations at 5 Grace St., 314 Prospect St. and 92 Robinson St.

Letters were sent to the owners of these properties notifying them of their nuisance status. They have been given 30 days to submit a corrective action plan and abate the nuisance after meeting with city officials, a news release from the mayor’s office said.

Properties that fail to submit a corrective action plan face a temporary closure of the premises after the city files a complaint with the city court.

The four properties have accrued point total ranging from 22 to 34 as of Aug. 31. The activity at these locations included a stabbing, fights, disorderly conduct and alcohol violations.

Kraham’s office noted that the property at 5 Grace St. is owned by Brooklyn landlord Isaac Anzaroot, who was arrested and charged in July 2022 on numerous bench warrants and two arrest warrants for housing code violations. The warrants were issued by Binghamton City Court.

In May 2021, the Binghamton fire marshals condemned Anzaroot’s property at 95 Court St. due to issues regarding fire alarms.

314 Prospect St. was the scene of attempted murder on Monday, Binghamton Police said. Multiple police cars responded to a report of a shooting at the residence and later arrested a 48-year-old Binghamton man in connection to the violence.

The letters sent to the four properties contain mostly the same script but highlight the individual issues that caused them to be deemed a nuisance.