Cheesesteak Boss comes to Northgate Plaza

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Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 9:35 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - Over at Northgate Plaza, you can find the latest business to make its mark on the Binghamton food scene. Cheesesteak Boss Owner Nick Terzella is no stranger to the Southern Tier as he attended high school in the area.

The Northgate Plaza cheesesteak idea is now one spot of two run by Terzella. He also started Southern Tier Cheesesteak Company in Endicott. “We had a location here originally and we ended up having to move out to Endicott” said Terzella. “So we kind of left a lot of our customers stranded here without us. We always wanted to get back over here so we could cover both sides of the county.”

When it comes to the foundation to a good cheesesteak, the owner said the bread quality is a focus. “It’s simple as in it’s only a few ingredients,” said Terzella. “Those ingredients need to be just right and they have to be treated just right. You have to have a little bit of crust on the outside of the bread. It has to be soft on the inside to where it will give to the cheesesteak, but be strong enough and hard enough to hold up to the cheesesteak.”

In addition to cheesesteaks, items such as power bowls, spud bowls, and smash burgers are on the menu.

During times of inflation and supply chain issues, Terzella reflected on his decision to not shy away from a second location. “We started our first business in 2010 as a food truck during the Great Recession. We opened our restaurant in Endicott four days before Covid,” he said.

Terzella finds parallels between a business and sports. “Kind of like swinging a heavy bat in the on-deck circle,” he said. “Hopefully when you get up to bat, you can just crank some homeruns. We’re just struggling just like the rest of the businesses.”

To research the foundations of a good cheesesteak, the owner told 12 News he went to Philadelphia a lot with his wife.