Spark JC, LLC comments on changes coming to former Oakdale Mall

Spark JC, LLC now owns the property
The outside of the Oakdale Commons on Friday, Oct. 7.
The outside of the Oakdale Commons on Friday, Oct. 7.(WBNG 12 News)
Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 7:46 PM EDT
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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) - It’s no surprise that physical changes are being made to what’s now the Oakdale Commons, which was formally known as the Oakdale Mall.

With change can come a wave of uncertainty, especially for local businesses housed in the space, regarding the future of the property.

To get reaction, 12 News was able to talk with the manager of The Hair Kitchen on Oct. 7, Lauren Grier, who seemed optimistic about the switch in ownership to Spark JC, LLC. “We are so excited to have something new come to our community,” said Grier. “We needed it around here. This needed an update, this needed more. It used to be the hub of Broome County and it hasn’t in a very long time.”

12 News followed up on viewer emails with concerns regarding stores within the mall. During an email exchange on Oct. 4 regarding the mall as a whole, David Newman with Spark JC released a statement to 12 News. Newman’s message is below.

“We have significant plans for redevelopment. As part of that process, we are in discussions with certain tenant’s regarding a potential relocation of their space. As we discussed, it’s our intention and desire to keep every tenant who is currently part of the project. We have many long-term tenants and we appreciate all of their participation in the past, as well as the future of Oakdale. As discussed, there is not one tenant who is being evicted. No one is required to leave prior to their end of their lease or license term. The notices we sent were to remind certain tenants that the end of their term is coming due. Certain tenants will need to be relocated as part of future redevelopment, and we are actively working with them to find an alternate location within the project.”