Anthony Policare - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 11:37 PM EST
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(WBNG) - Coming into the 2022 season, the Maine-Endwell Spartans were fresh off a state title, but they also had a gap at quarterback. Enter Anthony Policare, a transfer who had only been with the team since last year. But he’s used that time to become a solid leader on the team, earning a captaincy in 2022.

The quarterback has proven that he belongs on that field, crushing opposing defenses in 2022, scoring double-digit touchdowns, and leading the Spartans back through the playoffs and back into the state title game. But it’s not just about him, this Maine-Endwell team is loaded with talent, and Policare is making sure that he can be a leader that gets the best out of both himself and his teammates.

“Being the quarterback you have to lead by example. You’re the first guy to walk into the huddle, everybody is looking at you. How you walk in there is how they’re gonna have their tone, how they’re gonna play,” Policare said. “I like to lead by example sure but if I have to get on someone I will. Everyone needs to be get on sometimes. Everybody gets on me, but that’s okay, that’s how you get better.”

”He knows what should be happening on every play from every position, so if something goes wrong he’s gonna correct it and help you in the right direction,” said lineman Adam DeSantis. “That allows us to keep getting better from there.”

“Poli[care] means the world to us, we’d protect him with our lives, it’s what we do,” DeSantis said. “And he definitely makes it known when we’re doing something right. He really gives us that pat on the back and gives us a reason to want to protect him so much. When you get to turn around and watch what he does when he gets to the second level, it’s absurd. It’s like watching a movie.”

“Those guys are beasts. We have nothing without them. Nothing,” said Policare. “Some of those guys are my best friends. I rely on them, they rely on me, it’s a great relationship. I couldn’t do anything without them.”

As the Spartans head into Sunday’s Class B championship game, they’re leaning on their captain to lead the way, and bring yet another title to Endwell.