Mayor Kraham goes to White House for US Conference of Mayors

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 4:35 PM EST
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WASHINGTON (WBNG) -- President Joe Biden had a local guest at the White House Friday.

Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham attended the US Conference of Mayors in the nation’s capital. Kraham was one of many mayors, who govern a city of 30,000 or more people, to attend the event.

At the conference, President Biden discussed his first two years in office in the White House East Room. He talked about policing in the US, mental health and more. Friday marked the second anniversary of his inauguration.

Kraham was seated to Biden’s left, but front and center of the president.

Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham attends the US Conference of Mayors in Washington.
Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham attends the US Conference of Mayors in Washington.(The White House)

“[Biden] talked about the challenges facing cities across the country and the unique ability of mayors to get things done,” Kraham said of the conference. “As an elected leader who started his political career in local government, he has a special understanding of what it means to serve on this level.”

Kraham is the 51st Mayor of Binghamton. He was elected to take over for former Binghamton Mayor, and fellow Republican, Rich David, who sought a seat in the New York State Senate but was ultimately unelected. Kraham served as Deputy Mayor under David.

The 250 mayors collaborated came up with ideas for best practices on topics such as ending homeless and identifying critical infrastructure. The meeting helped local and federal officials work together on improvements to United States cities.”

“It really sends a message that we have a seat at the table,” Kraham said. “An important part of the conference, at this meeting today, is that you have America’s mayors that are dealing directly with top administration officials on the issues that matter in their communities.”

Despite, belonging to the opposite party to Biden, Kraham expressed his gratitude toward the invitation.

“I’m grateful to the President for spending more than an hour with America’s mayors,” Kraham said. “Like the President, mayors understand how important bipartisanship is to progress.”

The Conference of Mayors is held twice each year. The first event is held in January in Washington and the second event is held in June in a different city.