Governor Hochul announces plans to boost economy in Central New York

Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 8:32 PM EST
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SYRACUSE, NY (WBNG) -- Governor Kathy Hochul visited Syracuse to announce her plans to create more jobs and boost the economy in Central New York.

The governor said this budget includes investments that will increase the housing supply and expand economic opportunity and innovation in the region.

She said the investments will help make Central New York more affordable, and the budget will include $36 million for Onondaga Community Colleges and $11 million for local workforce and economic development initiatives.

“Now it’s time to reconnect, bring it back home bring back the beauty and to the neighborhood that was changed and now were going to start fixing the wrongs of the past and I love that I love doing that again” Governor Kathy Hochul.

Hochul said to do so, she plans to continue to invest in schools by fully funding them with $2.7 billion and $1 billion dollars to support those in the community who suffer with mental health.

“This means when someone has to be admitted because of severe mental illness or incident before they leave, I want to know that someone will be monitoring their progress, and make sure they show up with the therapist,” said Hochul. “Making sure that they go into supportive housing, that they get what they need instead of just letting them drop off the clip of the end and cycle in the system. "

She looks forward to working with local leaders to make the vision for Central New York a reality.

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