Meet the companies powering Upstate New York’s first dispensary

Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 6:58 PM EST
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG)-- “Just Breathe”, located in downtown Binghamton, became the first dispensary to open in Upstate New York on Friday.

Some of the product the dispensary is selling is sourced directly from Central New York. Syracuse-area orchard “Beak & Skiff” recently launched their cannabis brand “Ayrloom”.

Ayrloom’s products have been featured in all three legal dispensaries that have opened so far in New York state. Their products at Just Breathe include gummies and vapes, along with the state’s first cannabis-infused beverage to be sold in the state.

The beverage is a seltzer that comes in different flavors including pineapple mango, black cherry and pink grapefruit.

President of Ayrloom Mack Hueber said the beverage contains five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD. It is a fast-acting beverage and consumers usually feel the effects of it within 15-20 minutes, according to Hueber.

12 News spoke with Hueber who said the orchard’s transition into cannabis production was similar to the things they were already doing with apples.

“It’s the same kind of model we use for apples which is growing a product, processing it and turning it into a product,” said Hueber. “We are taking the same model and applying it to cannabis. We are growing the cannabis on-site, extracting it on-site and turning it into the product.”

“Dutchie” is a brand specializing in point-of-sale systems, e-commerce, and complaint reporting to New York State in the cannabis industry.

Dutchie was awarded a contract by the state to provide these services to all dispensaries that were awarded social equity licenses, like Just Breathe.

Head of Market Expansion and Industry Relations for Dutchie Anne Forkutza said the company’s mission is to provide safe and easy access to cannabis.

“Our mission is to provide safe and easy access to cannabis and we do that all through our compliant all-in-one dispensary tech platform,” said Forkutza.

Just Breathe also features products from other New York farms and growers. New York State dispensaries are required to sell products grown in-state.