Vestal Museum’s ‘Found in the Ground’ exhibit shows off local archeology

Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 5:52 PM EST
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VESTAL (WBNG) -- The Vestal Museum is partnering with the Binghamton University Museum of Art and the Roberson Museum & Science Center for a three-part exhibit on display now until this spring.

The three exhibits all have to do with glass, but each has a different focus.

The Vestal Museum’s exhibit titled “Found in the Ground” shows off pieces of glass dug up from two local archaeological sites in Binghamton.

Items on display include different shapes and sizes of glass bottles, jars and shards of glass all with their own unique story.

Executive Director of the Vestal Museum Cherese Rosales said her favorite item in the exhibit has an interesting back story.

“We had a really great lecture by Claire Horn who runs the Binghamton University Public Archeology Facility,” said Rosales. “She told us about a little glass bottle that she believes held poison.”

The glass on display at the museum was provided by the Binghamton University Public Archeology Facility.

Those who visit all three museums and receive three punches on a card can take home a small glass figure from any of the museums.

The Vestal Museum’s exhibit will run until April 1. Binghamton University and Roberson’s exhibits both run until May 13.