Rashee Shuler - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 11:47 PM EDT
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VESTAL, N.Y. (WBNG) - Every lacrosse team relies on their goalie. They make stops and keep them in games.

But for the Vestal boys squad, their keeper, senior Rashee Shuler, is also the unquestioned captain on the field.

“To have a veteran like that with such a young team, that’s in there, in goal, as your last line of defense. It’s important as far as the confidence for the defense and the whole team so we’re lucky to have him,” said Vestal head coach Chris Dutkowsky.

Rashee hasn’t always been Vestal’s clear cut leader. Last year he was splitting time as the Golden Bears starter, but after not seeing the field during one early season game he came back in the next and proved himself.

“He stepped up and started playing well and took the position and the job and really from that point forward he played great and never looked back,” added Dutkowsky.

After securing the full-time starting position in early April, Rashee led a Golden Bears defense that allowed less than eight goals per game the rest of the way. Including allowing only 2 in their sectional title win over Horseheads.

“I love to see him succeed so it was the best moment of my life. He had like an 80-something save percentage so it was like a hockey goalie. It was just insane. Everyone was hyped for him,” said Vestal senior attackman Xavier Shuler.

Xavier Shuler is Rashee’s younger brother, so he knows better than anyone how tough it is to score against him.

“Ever since we were younger we would go to the backyard or go to the field and he shoots on me and we would see in 10 shots if I can save more than he can score,” said Rashee.

The results of those depend days on who you ask.

“I definitely save more by far,” said Rashee.

“Depends on the day and who’s on and who’s off but I like to think that I score more,” replied Xavier.

Rashee is hoping all of those practice sessions can help him end his career on varsity the way it started, with a seciton title.

“It would mean a lot. It would be my third section title in a row so I want that to happen and states would be cool too,” added Rashee.

The Golden Bears have found the person they can count on as they go for that championship.