Beer Tree Farms holds 9th annual ‘Pintwood Derby’

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 11:26 PM EDT
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PORT CRANE (WBNG) -- Tuesday evening, Beer Tree Farm held its “2023 Pintwood Derby” in Port Crane, where families gathered to race toy cars over drinks.

This is the ninth annual Pintwood Derby where adults assembled and raced cars made from a block of pinewood.

Pinewood Derbys have been a long-standing tradition run all over the nation by Boy Scout troops, however, this time around the event was made for adults.

12 News spoke with John Babbage, the District Director at the Baden-Powell Council about coming up with the idea for the event.

“We always found that parents were standing in the background with their kids, just as excited if not more excited than the kids are in some cases, and what we wanted to do was provide adults the opportunity to engage in the races themselves,” said Babbage.

The winners of the Pintwood Derby went home with a pinewood car trophy along with their choice of a Beer Tree 4-pack.

With this year being a success, Beer Tree Farm is hoping to hold the event again in 2024.