Protestors gather in front of Molinaro’s office over debt-ceiling concerns

(Shabeli Acevedo)
Published: May. 25, 2023 at 5:15 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Indivisible Binghamton gathered to protest outside Representative Marc Molinaro’s (R, NY-19) Office in Binghamton Thursday afternoon.

Indivisible Actions describes itself as a liberal organization that aims to protect the values and rights of people in the Binghamton area are upheld by locally elected officials. On Thursday, they gathered in front of Molinaro’s office to bring attention to, what they call, the “GOP debt ceiling crisis.”

The group was joined by members from Veterans For Peace, Sierra Club, among others.

According to the Co-Lead of Indivisible Binghamton, Lori Wahila, today’s protest targeted slashes in funding for Medicaid, education cuts, cuts toward veteran services, SNAP & Food stamp cuts, climate change research cuts and cuts toward policing.

“If this debt ceiling is increased and voted on within the next seven days, we’re going to default on our debts and it’s going to be massive,” said Wahila. “Disastrous outcome to our local economy, our economy in the United States and our global economy.”

Yet, a spokesperson for Molinaro’s office cited a poll from CNN this week that indicates 60% of Americans said a debt ceiling increase should come with some sort of spending cuts, to refute the protestors’ claims.

“Polling from CNN shows that a majority of Americans want Congress to reduce federal spending to stop inflation and avoid a default,” th spokesperson said. “The House passed legislation, with Marc Molinaro’s support, that does this. Marc Molinaro is continuing to push for a bipartisan compromise to get a commonsense deal across the finish line.”

A decision on the debt ceiling must be made by Congress by June 1.