Murky water, a repeated concern for Endicott residents

Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 11:10 PM EDT
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ENDICOTT (WBNG) -- A recent Facebook post complaining about dirty water once again has made the water supply a concern for residents in the Village of Endicott.

For years residents have complained of dirty and contaminated water in the village homes. A Facebook post showed a pregnant woman who wanted to take a relaxing bath, only to turn the nob and see brown water in the tub.

In February, Ayana Del Valle posted a video to Facebook showcasing that same soiled water in her washing machine.

“Some people who saw the post and are from the area are like ‘yes me too’,” said Valle “I couldn’t bathe my baby, or all my laundry is coming out brown, there’s been a lot of complaints that come forward”.

Village Mayor Linda Jackson claims the recent water contamination to a main break at Jefferson court, she also noted the village’s water board is beginning to replace the aging infrastructure.

“It’s a slow process, I know it’s only a few at a time, but just to be able to get started on this huge project, it’s a start in the right direction,” said Jackson.