2023 Preseason Playbook: Binghamton Patriots

Published: Sep. 4, 2023 at 10:40 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WBNG) - The Binghamton Patriots always have a tough schedule. As one of the few Class AA schools in Section 4, they often have to take on teams from outside of the area. Which leads to a lot of challenges.

“Nothing’s easy. We play a team down by the city, and two Syracuse schools that in my experience are usually loaded,” said head coach Doug Stento. “Then we get into the Cornings, the Elmiras, the Vestals, the Endicotts.”

This Patriots team has come to expect some hardship, and there are seniors on this team, like Kashif Summers Jr., who are looking to lead the way to set an example for the entire squad.

“Every morning I wake up and tell myself that I need to be the best at everything I do. Because I know there’s a bunch of young guys on my team and JV that are watching me. And how well they want to perform or how hard they want to try is kind of on my back,” Summers said. “How hard I go is how hard they want to go. So that’s a motivating factor so us as a program can be successful.”

The hard work that Summers is putting in has definitely been noticed because the whole team is working hard to put Binghamton football back on the map.

“It’s been different. It’s been super competitive,” said senior wide receiver Tayshaun Brooks. It’s been more competitive than it has been in years past. It’s been really fun to have that competition back.”

“They’re battle-tested,” added Stento. “They know what it’s gonna take. We’ve been in some real battles and the kids know we’re close.”

With a gauntlet of tough teams on the horizon, Binghamton isn’t scared of anyone.

“The other teams aren’t gonna feel bad for you because you’re tired. They’re not gonna feel bad for you because they hit you hard,” Summers said. “So you gotta be a dog and hit them harder. You gotta make them tired before you get tired. And that’s what I’ve been preaching around here. Wear that Binghamton jersey with pride. Every time you wear that jersey you gotta be thinking of a positive outcome regardless of who you’re playing.”

With that mentality, it sure seems like the Patriots will have more positive outcomes in 2023.