KNOW Theatre presents ‘Coyote on a Fence’

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 3:25 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- KNOW Theatre is opening its 2023 to 2024 season with a production of “Coyote on a Fence” by Bruce Graham. Performers told 12 News the play can be used as a vessel for important conversations.

The play tells the story of two inmates on death row and how they change together.

“It’s a springboard for discussion, I think, about a lot of moral issues,” said Joe Hoffmann, who plays Bobby Reyburn. “The death penalty, the nature of evil, who deserves punishment and for what and where those values come from.”

In the play, Bobby Reyburn is in prison for murdering 37 people. He is also a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Hoffmann said this is where Bobby Reyburn’s hatred comes from and described his character as childlike.

“He does animal impressions, he seems to be happy where he is, he has suffered a lot of trauma in his life,” Hoffmann described. He noted that he walks with a limp and is blind in one eye. He added, “He’s a very contradictory character for sure.”

Adam Holley plays Bobby Reyburn’s cellmate, John Brennan, who is described as an educated and at times arrogant writer. The play also stars Qiana Watson and Mitch Tiffany with direction by KNOW Theatre Artistic Director Tim Gleason.

As a cast, they explore the overarching theme that asks, “Can one be innocent through proven guilty?”

Hoffmann said each character has a different idea of what the death penalty means and how it should be implemented. He said Playwright Graham didn’t plant a flag in any of the characters’ camps.

“Some people will take away what they want to and other people will be ready to have their views challenged and maybe, some people won’t come down to one side or the other at all,” said Hoffmann. “If every single person in that theater takes away something different, that’s fine. All that matters is that they were challenged.”

Hoffmann said he hopes the play will make people think and they enjoy it. He also noted the play is complex with dark and heartful moments.

For information about tickets, follow this link.