Mason McCombs - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 10:52 PM EDT
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WINDSOR, N.Y. (WBNG) - It was a first since 1998, Windsor beat Chenango Forks in football.

Mason McCombs scored the game-winning touchdown for the Black Knights.

“I didn’t see a lot. They flooded the line and my only option was get barreled and get a yard or bounce it out and once again risk everything,” said Windsor senior running back/linebacker Mason McCombs.

“I was lead blocking on that play and I saw him bounce it and I was like ‘oh no’. But then he made up for it on the outside and got in the endzone. That was huge,” added Windsor senior running back/linebacker Dom Weaver.

It was the only score in the 8-zero win and having a reigning Class B All-State inside linebacker like Mason helped the Black Knights get the shutout.

“It felt amazing. It was a very gritty game. It just came down to who was tougher and who was ready to risk it all for one win,” explained McCombs.

“He reads his keys well. He can play coverage if we need him to go play cover somebody so we can move him to outside if we need to. He’s a pretty well-rounded player,” said Windsor head coach Tim Hogan.

Next to him on defense and in the backfield is Dom Weaver, a fellow senior who he’s been playing alongside since they were kids.

“We’re right next to each other the whole game. We’re always communicating on both sides of the ball so we know what we’re supposed to do. Just go out there and execute and obviously when one of us makes a big play the other one is right there next to them,” said Weaver.

“We’re always pushing each other. If I mess up he’s on me. If he messes up he knows I’m going to be on him. It just keeps improving each other,” explained McCombs.

While the win over Forks is a big way to start the season, Mason and this Black Knights team have already shifted their focus to the future.

“After that win your ego is definitely flooded right now. You just have to remind them. You have next week. Doesn’t matter who it is. Another game, you have to execute just like you did in week one. You do that you’re going to dominate the rest of the year,” said McCombs.

Because the Black Knights want to achieve a first since 1997, winning a section championship.