‘CS Miller Books’ opens in Norwich

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 5:42 PM EDT
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NORWICH (WBNG) -- For Jason Miller, opening CS Miller Books in Norwich has been a childhood dream of his 30 years in the making.

After stepping away from a successful career in technology, Miller decided to purchase an old Frito-Lay building, remodel it and bring his vision to life.

“The move to books was really easy for me because I’ve been a collector for a long time,” said Miller. “That’s how I escape the digital world and all the technology and all the hustle and bustle. I just kind of check out, dive into a book and just get lost.”

The bookshop is lined with more than 50,000 vintage books from Miller’s collection. Cozy chairs and couches can be found around the shop making it a comfortable place for the community to thrive in. Miller built the place from the ground up, along with the help of his family.

“When I first saw the building, there was just a bunch of stuff everywhere and it looked like nothing,” said Miller. “My brother and my dad spent countless hours here helping me build all of this.”

Miller said he is excited to finally share his love of literature with the community.

“Whenever I read a book, it would just ground me and bring me back because I am not doom scrolling,” said Miller. “I am not wasting massive amounts of time in the digital world and can focus on myself because books have taught me so much.”

Miller is also hoping the bookshop can serve as a place of education for kids and at-risk youth in the area.

“Not every kid is cut out for the soccer field. Not every kid is cut out to play baseball, football or basketball,” said Miller. “There are tons of brilliant kids that just need an outlet and so hopefully we can get a lot of those people in here. We have to do these things to revitalize our community.”

Miller’s Instagram (@csmillerbook) was primarily the place where he would indulge in his bookselling hobby.