Closure of Glen Aubrey Post Office causes challenges for residents, USPS responds

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 11:53 PM EDT
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Glen Aubrey (WBNG) - Over the summer, a closure notice from the United States Postal Service (USPS) was placed on the door of what used to be the Glen Aubrey Post Office.

Since the announcement, some residents and Congressman Marc Molinaro have gotten involved with hopes of figuring out a long-term solution.

“The Constitution actually guarantees postal service,” said Congressman Molinaro for NY-19. “The fact that the folks in Glen Aubrey, some of them, have to drive now miles away for basic service is just unacceptable.”

Congressman Molinaro highlighted the residents rely on these services and said leadership is being “ignorant” to the current challenges.

Since August, to get access to mail or for in-person assistance, they have to head to Whitney Point via Route 26. For any need, that’s roughly 12 miles round-trip.

Resident Dave Potter is one of those directly affected by the shutdown of the Glen Audrey Post Office.

“They claim they have plans to reopen somewhere else, but nobody knows of any of these plans,” said Potter.

He mentioned residents like himself to the west of the former post office now have to venture to the village for any access to mail.

“The area to the west of the post office, behind the post office there’s about 20 to 25 homes,” said Potter. “We had PO Boxes, meaning we had to come to the post office to get our mail. There are three mobile home parks across the road from the post office, across 26. They have to get their mail through the post office.”

Potter said though this affects everyone to some degree, the elderly population and those with medical needs especially have barriers to face.

“It was easier for them to get to this post office to pick up their meds, their prescriptions,” he said. “A lot of older people don’t use the internet, so they’re relying on the mail to get their bills to pay them.”

Since the notification, a petition has been signed by members of the community hoping for change. Potter said a hope is to get rural delivery set up.

Mark Lawrence is a communications specialist with the USPS and sent an email to 12 News. Lawrence said, “We respectfully decline an interview but would like to note that we have ample staffing to serve the additional Glen Aubrey customers in Whitney Point. We are currently exploring options for a new location and appreciate the patience of our customers during this time.”