Dog Walking Forecast--Raychel

Early showers, increasing sunshine
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 9:04 AM EDT
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TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy, early showers. Late day sunshine. 0-.05″ 20% High 66 (62-68) Wind NW 10-15 mph


TUESDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Periods of mostly clear. Low 44 (40-48) Wind W Calm-5 mph

A low to our northeast, along with an upper level low will give us some early clouds, along

with a few showers. As the lows move out, we’ll have increasing sunshine this afternoon.

As high pressure moves in, we’ll have sunshine Wednesday until Friday.

A low will develop to our south and move northward. This will give us clouds and showers for

Saturday, Sunday and Monday.