Mom-and-pop shops around state already feel effects of new gun laws

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Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 10:07 AM EDT
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OWEGO (WBNG) -- As of Sept. 13, new gun control laws have been added to the New York State legislature. The laws signed in place by Governor Kathy Hochul are now in effect, and it is hurting mom-and-pop gun shops around the state.

In order to buy ammunition in the state of New York, you now need to do a background check to finish your purchase. Then, to do this background check, you need to pay a fee of $2.50, and then your approval will be pending.

Lock N Load Sporting Goods Employee Sam Reeves said even after this process, customers have to wait up to a day to find out if they are approved and able to buy their ammo.

“Especially getting closer to deer season, I mean it backs up a lot,” Reeves said. “And with a lot of people living close to the border, no one wants to stand in line for five to 10 minutes or even 24 hours for their ammo especially when they can jump right across the border, pick it up like nothing, and be on their way.”

Lead Instructor for The Carry Conceal Class of New York State through Lock N Load Gun Range Allen Dutton said this is the case there, but not just for ammo.

“He’s gonna go to Pennsylvania, it’s gonna hurt our business,” Dutton said. “When he goes to Pennsylvania to buy his ammo he might as well go buy his boots, his camo, his bow, his long guns, his deer scents his deer guns [and] his blinds.”

Lock N Load has more ammo than any other store in the Southern Tier. Dutton tells 12 News he has an entire shelf full of customers’ ammo who have been delayed a day from the background check and some could take up to 30 days. He said he knows a bunch of stores that have already closed because of this change.

Lock N Load understands the frustration customers have but it stresses they carry more than just ammo.

“Food plot seeds we sell a full line of our own patent camouflage,” Dutton said. “So, Lock n Load Sporting Goods caters to all sporting goods needs and like I said, the more oppressive New York State gets, we may have to look elsewhere.”

To try and combat this change, Lock N Load understands the inconvenience of doing a background check, so, they are selling all its ammo at a 10% discount.

For a list of gun laws in New York State, click here.