National Weather Service Center in Binghamton prepares for hectic weather season

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 6:55 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- When it comes to the weather, the subject for the National Weather Service Center in Binghamton, or NWS, is constantly under monitored and being checked.

Warning Coordinator Meteorologist Mark at the NWS in Binghamton Mark Pellerito said the work at the office is never-ending.

“We have a staff of somewhere between 20 to 24 employees because we are a twenty-four-seven operation,” said Pellerito. “We have a lot of equipment because we are a twenty-four-seven operation, we have rotating shift work people working night shift, evening shift, dayshift, there’s always someone here.”

The NWS in Binghamton is responsible for overseeing the weather for 17 counties in Central New York and seven counties in Northeast Pennsylvania. The NWS possesses plenty of tools and equipment that help to keep up to date with different warnings and potential weather changes. This often can force employees to focus even harder to decipher what technology to use and when to use it.

“We have a lot of computer models at our disposal, it takes a lot of experience to determine which ones apply to a given situation,” said Pellerito. “We have river gauge stations to tell us what the water level is at different rivers, we have a network of skystorm spotters anytime we have significant impacts from severe thunderstorms or flooding.”