Police K-9 dies after choking on object during training exercise

The department said K-9 Zar was trained in suspect apprehension, narcotics detection, article...
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 11:08 AM EDT
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NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (Gray News) – A police dog in Pennsylvania died after choking on an object during a training exercise Tuesday.

According to the Newberry Township Police Department, K-9 Zar was participating in a training exercise at home with his handler when an object became lodged in his throat, obstructing his airway.

His handler immediately attempted life-saving measures and rushed Zar to an emergency vet clinic.

Sadly, Zar did not survive.

The dog was given a police escort through his community that he served for more than four years.

The department said Zar was trained in suspect apprehension, narcotics detection, article searches, handler protection and patrol activities.

One of the dog’s standout accomplishments was locating a firearm used during an attempted homicide that had been thrown into heavy brush.

“K-9 Zar’s service protected dozens of officers and removed countless amounts of harmful drugs from the streets of our community,” the Newberry Township Police Department wrote.