City hall welcomes Binghamton’s sister city La Teste of France

Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 2:32 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Binghamton Mayor Jared M. Kraham welcomes residents of Binghamton’s sister city La Teste France to the city hall.

Mayor Kraham raised the French Flag over city hall on Monday with the help of two La Teste residents. The two cities have had a sister-city relationship for more than three decades.

The “Sister Cities International Program” offers relationships for more than 2,000 communities worldwide.

“The La Teste Community has graciously opened their doors to Binghamton residents for years and sharing the many wonderful pieces of their community and just the same [for Binghamton],” said Kraham. “Binghamton families have welcomed La Teste visitors into their homes, enthusiastically sharing the very best parts of the City of Binghamton, New York State, and this country.”

Twenty residents of La Teste visited Binghamton and took part in the “Sister Cities International Program.”

The Sister Cities International Program seeks to promote citizen diplomacy, peace and understanding through people-to-people relationships with exchanges focused on arts, culture, youth, education, business, trade and community development.

Binghamton and La Teste were first declared sister cities under Mayor Juanita Crab. Kraham also declared Oct. 2 “La Teste Day” in Binghamton.